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Just like your carpets your upholstery gets a build-up of dirt, pollutants and bacteria and just like your carpets your upholstery needs regular removal of these foreign bodies so you get the maximum life span from your soft furnishings.

Aldonga Carpet Care technicians will pre inspect your furniture and advise you on the best method of cleaning and any potential problems that may exist. There are many types of fabrics and problems that may face the untrained cleaner. Problems such as colour fading and colour bleeding or some stains that may be permanent or extremely difficult to remove. These issues and possible solutions need to be brought to your attention before any cleaning is commenced.

What Can I Do To Keep My Upholstery Looking Good Between Professional Cleaning?

Nothing beats regular vacuuming of your soft furnishings. This can remove the dry soil component in your fabric. Spills and stains need to be tackled with a quality spotter. Again Aldonga Carpet Care recommend our "No Rinse" spotter as some spotters on the market can damage delicate fabrics.

It is highly recommended that any spotter be tested on an inconspicuous area prior to use.

What Type Of Cleaning Method Is Best For My Upholstery?

The two methods we would recommend are the "Hot Water Extraction" (Steam) method or the "Stay Clean" system. Again it depends on your fabric type and the level and type of soiling on the particular piece of furniture. Aldonga Carpet Care trained technicians are only too willing to discuss this with you during a "FREE", no obligation inspection of your upholstery.