Are you finding it difficult to keep your tiles and grout clean?

Would you like to have them professionally cleaned—to make life easier for you?

It’s just like cleaning your carpet and upholstery—it should be done annually (at least) for optimum performance and healthy indoor living.

In many homes today ceramic tiles are a popular choice in kitchens, living areas and hallways—but keeping them clean can be a nightmare! Plus we need to remember we're also cleaning for 'Hygiene' not just for appearance!

When cleaning our tiles with a mop, in most cases we are simply spreading the soils over a larger area. When we rinse our mop out, the water gets dirtier and we keep mopping with the dirty water. The dirty water and detergent soak into the grout lines as they are porous, then your tiles and grout become duller and duller. We tend not to notice this discolouration till we move a rug or some furniture and see that the tiles underneath look new.

In the kitchen especially we see our tiles becoming dirty due to cooking oils and fats that land on the surface. Even constant mopping doesn’t seem to make a difference. So you get down on your hands and knees to scrub your tiles and grout lines hoping to see some improvement—but you're still not happy with the result.

We have the answer for you - Give us a call today on 0418 690 829 to arrange for a "FREE" inspection and quote to remove that grease and grime from your tiles and bring them back to life!

Warning—Tile Tip: Some people scrub the grout lines with bleach which is best to be avoided. As the grout is only sand and cement the bleach can break it down. The grout then becomes very weak and is removed when you sweep or vacuum.