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Warmth + Moisture + Skin = Dust Mites

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Who Do You Sleep With Every Night?

It's a scary thought but each night we lay ourselves down to sleep we are sharing our bed with thousands of other critters and their by-products. Let's sleep on the concrete floor then I hear you say but no, this is not a solution.

Most of us are not bothered by dust mites and what they produce but for some it can cause asthma, allergies or just a lousy nights' sleep. We can tackle this problem by getting our mattresses and bedding cleaned on a regular basis.

For some your mattress may need to be cleaned every 6 months, others 12 months and some can even go 2 years.

Here's a formula I came across: Warmth + Moisture + Skin = Dust Mites

When we clean your mattress – a low moisture clean is preferable to pumping a lot of moisture into your mattress that will take a long time to dry and may even promote the multiplying of these critters.

Some stains on your mattress may still remain but keep in mind that your mattress is now hygienic; we are cleaning for health and not aesthetics.