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At Aldonga Carpet Care we want you to experience a service that is professional, friendly and leaves your carpet cleaner and healthier than ever before.

From the first phone call Aldonga Carpet Care staff will endeavour to assist you with friendly and honest advice about any enquiries you may have about your carpets. If you live in the Albury/Wodonga area Aldonga Carpet Care are more than happy to come to you and give you a "FREE", no obligation inspection of your carpet.

This way we can identify your needs and expectations when deciding to have your carpets cleaned. Unfortunately there are some marks and stains that are extremely difficult or sometimes impossible to remove. Aldonga Carpet Care can also leave you with a fixed price for your cleaning requirements so later there are no hidden costs or excuses.

On arrival Aldonga Carpet Care technicians will be on time and in uniform. If for some unexpected reason we are running behind schedule we promise to phone ahead and let you know. We will place a mat at your door step so we don't bring more dirt into your home. We will then go over the areas to be cleaned again and discuss any existing problem areas.

When the cleaning process commences Aldonga Carpet Care technicians take the utmost care of your furnishings and belongings. When replacing any furniture after the clean we protect them with coasters or blocks to prevent furniture stains or rust marks.

We will then call you back within the next few days just to make sure you are completely satisfied.


Carpet Cleaning FAQ's

How Often Should I Get My Carpets Cleaned?

Major carpet manufacturers recommend you get your carpets cleaned every 12 months. Even though your carpets may not look particularly dirty it's the hidden soils, pollutants and bacteria that need to be removed on a regular basis so you get the maximum performance from your carpet.

Your carpet is one of the most expensive items in your home, so the longer it lasts the less expense it is in replacement costs.

What Can You Do To Keep Your Carpet Looking Good Between Cleans?

The best thing you can do for your carpet is thorough, regular vacuuming. There are three main types of soils that build up in your carpets. Dry soils that make up about 80% and the other two are water based soils and oily based soils. Regular vacuuming can remove most of the dry soils.

The water based and oily based soils need to be removed with a quality spotter. A word of warning, try and stear clear of supermarket spotters and cleaners such as Windex etc. These may work and remove marks on some carpet types but may damage other carpets. Some of the cheaper spotters may contain bleaches that can permanently mark your carpets.

We supply & sell a "No Rinse Spotter" that we guarantee will not damage or permanently mark your carpet and remove most stains if used promptly and correctly.

What Type Of Cleaning Method Is Best For My Carpet?

The first 12 years of business we used the Hot Water Extraction Method (Steam) to clean carpets. We found this to be the best and most thorough method of cleaning at the time. During the last 3 years we discovered a new "Stay Clean" system – now over 95% of our work is carried out using this system.

Although in some circumstances we still would recommend hot water extraction we have found that this new "Stay Clean" system gives superior results and as the name suggests it stays cleaner longer. It is also more environmentally friendly using 90% less water than hot water extraction (quicker drying times), no noisy truck mount machinery burning fossil fuels (not annoying the neighbours), no toxic waste (nothing dumped on garden beds or down the drain) and leaves your carpet fresher and healthier than ever before.