At Aldonga Carpet Care we are "Committed to Excellence"

Aldonga Carpet Care is committed to providing our new & existing clients with the highest standard of customer service, solutions to their carpet care problems as well as a friendly professional service second to none.

Our Sustainable Cleaning System will leave your carpet and soft furnishings cleaner & healthier than ever before. It's also better for our environment, using 90% less water than other cleaners, no burning of fossil fuels, no toxic waste to dispose of and no noisy engines disturbing the peace.


Aldonga Carpet Care specialise in:

Aldonga Carpet Care Guarantee:

  • NO wet carpets that take days to dry
  • NO carpets that re-soil quickly after cleaning
  • NO carpets that go brown & patchy after cleaning
  • NO sticky or smelly carpets
  • NO carpets that stretch or shrink after cleaning